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Splurge: You decide!

Splurge or Not to Splurge? We encounter tough decisions (i.e., career, education, budget, etc.) every day requiring a decision based on positive and negative consequences. Weight management requires a similar decision process. This decision process is known as "Cost-Benefit Analysis."

Cost-Benefit Analysis is based on:

  • Attitude toward a given behavior---determined by your beliefs that the behavior will lead to a positive or negative outcome.
  • Perception of the value of your decision---Will you partake in behaviors when you perceive the cost of eating that "Molten Chocolate Cake" outweighs the perceived benefit?
Let?s review how the Cost-Benefit Analysis relates to food intake and physical activity. Energy (i.e., calories) balance is dependent upon burning the same amount of calories you consume from food as compared to calories burned through daily activity. According to a U.S. food consumption report, you consume an estimated 2,700 calories per day. How does this compare to your RMR and Total Daily Calorie Budget? During weight loss you will need to be in a deficit (I.e., burn more or consume less calories than what is needed to maintain your current weight). Remember, it takes a deficit of approximately 500 calories per day to lose 1-pound of bodyweight each week.

A simple rule of thumb is:

Walking 1-mile for a normal weight individual (i.e., 140-180 lbs) equals approximately 80 burned calories

Therefore, if you walk for an hour you will likely burn 250 calories. Further, if you do not reduce your calorie intake, this level of physical activity would result in an estimated 2-pound weight loss each month. The bottom line:

Decrease your daily food intake and increase your level of daily physical activity.

To assist you with your daily weight management decisions, we have provided examples of various food items and the type of activity needed to burn those calories. You decide what decision is best for you and your weight management goal.

Food ItemPhysical Activity
Grande, Nonfat Milk Caramel Macchiato
192 Calories
Clean Your House
Fruit Smoothie (14 oz.)
600 Calories
Jog 6 Miles
?Restaurant Size? Molten Chocolate Cake
1,120 Calories
Ride a Bike 30 Miles
Super-Sized Fast Food Meal
1,800 Calories
Walk 20 miles

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