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Chief Technology and Executive Officer

Former Executive at Microsoft and Time Warner, Soraya Bittencourt has more than 25 years of leadership in the software field. She was the original creator of Microsoft Expedia and launched the first telecommunications satellite in Latin America.

A visionaire that makes it happen, she has been constantly innovating to bring technology that help people to enhanced their knowledge.

Visit her personal site at: sorayabittencourt.com

Chief Engineer | Rajalakshmi Subramanian

Chitra, Rajalakshmi's nickname, experienced software developer for over 15 years, has been a key asset of our team. Graduated from SRC College in Trichy, India she worked at AOL, Netscape, Obongo and Price WaterHouse. Always creative and pragmatic, her continued contribution helped Nutrihand achieve an infrastructure flexibility unseen before.

Her expertise in server and database technologies has contributed for partner acquisition, globalization and scalability of our platform.


Expertise is key,
but passion and determination
makes it happen!

Soraya created the first food, fitness and medical tracker to help manage her own diabetes. After a year using the application and seeing the results, she realized it could be useful for anyone who wants to manage their health. Nutrihand, which means "nutrition in your hands", was born.

Step by Step

In 1994, already diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1, Soraya was following the standard DCT protocol of 6 injections a day. Although it was successfull, that medical regime forced the patient to have a regular schedule. Something almost impossible to achieve for any manager in a high tech company. Not only you need to eat and take medication at the right time, but the quantity of medication is based on what you will eat. It presented considerable challenges.

Although you could plan to eat at certain times, frequently there were variations on the schedule. A meeting went longer than expected or did not start on time. But you planned for it, so you took insulin, which lower you sugars. With no food available at the programmed time, Soraya would pass out. Usually dropping to the floor for lack of sugar. No matter how effectively she trained her direct reports to give her glucose gel, 911 would always be called. After frequent episodes like these, she felt like acquiring a membership for the city emergency services. Not fun.

As we all know, technology evolves at the speed of light and the insulin pump was the latest solution she could try. Soraya decided to get one. She spent 10 days at a training camp to learn how to use it. After the training, she realized that she would need to spend a large part of her day using all the books, calculators and logs they gave to her, in order to track food intake, exercise, insulin and other medications. Again, not fun.

why us?

Step by Step (continues)

The main benefit of using a pump is to allow more scheduling freedom without passing out. That is AWESOME, but spending a large amount of time managing your health, is hard. She came up with an application that would combine a large database of nutritional facts, exercises caloric burn out and medications, with algorithms to help her manage her diabetes and better calculate her insulin needs. And that is how it all started.

Nutrihand launched it's first application, the Wellness Center, to allow diabetics to better manage their health, in February 2005. The first cloud application that would allow tracking of any information which could also help not only diabetics, but epople trying to lose weight, controlling hypertension and so on.

Our private label portal started with an implemetation for Nestlé Lean Cuisine site. That was very successfull. Nutrihand used the internet as well as food packaging to create an unique experience for Lean Cuisine customers. It increased customer retention and product sales, delivering a personalized diet using their products.

Learning that users benefit whenthey can access to healthcare providers, Nutrihand launched RD Clinic. This application allows dietitians, endocrinologists and other healthcare professionals to create personalized diets, coach, connect and document their clients visits.

Nutrihand PRO, launched at the same time, with only the analysis component. A more affordable version of the tools to perform recipe and meal analysis. That became the ideal tool for chefs and dietitians who work for the food industry.

Today, Nutrihand has mobile applications and all of its tools are available in multiple languages with specific database content for each one.

It is the only customizable, affordable, full platform available in the market, serving professionals and their clients.

advisory board

Dr. Susan Mitchell


Denice Ferko-Adams

Director at large for the Academy of Dietetics & Nutrition

Warren Honeycutt

Mr.America & Get Lean for Life Founder

Susan Burke-March

RD, CDE, eDiets Chief Dietitian

why us?

  1. Customizable

    Our platform offers a pre-built infrastructure easy to personalize as well as API's for further customization. Partners can have their version of the services in less than one week.

  2. Efficient

    Not only we know the technology we also are experts in behaviour change. Whatever application/service you need, we can help.

  3. Affordable

    You will not find the quality service we provide for less than what we charge. We guarantee.


We serve professionals, their clients and businesses. Below you will find innks to some of our personalized portal applications.

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Nutrihand has an extremelly resourceful team.

They learn your requirements and present you with multipe ways to achieve your goals. They consider your budget, timing and user experience. Our portal has been really successfull for patients and our professional staff.

Jessica G., RD

I am so grateful to Nutrihand's staff. Although I am not computer savvy, I could easily learn how to use their services effectivelly with my clients.

I can create personalized diets really quickly and my clients can be compliant. The results after using their services has been great! Faster and easier than any other tool.

Ilene C., RD