Healthcare Professionals

Common Features

Large database that includes USDA latest version, plus 250,000 more foods from restaurants, recipes, bar codes and ethinic foods. Database is updated daily.

Our database also includes meal and fitness plans, exercises and activities with caloric burn out calculations. Site is automatically formated for tablets and mobile devices.

Also our unique technology allows users to sign up for individual accounts, and if they want to upgrade to a Portal, all information is automatically transfered.

FREE Technical support for you and your clients via email, chat and phone.

Nutrihand PRO

Create plans in less than 5 minutes! Nutrihand PRO provides four different ways for analyzing or creating menus:

  • Pre-built library of diet templates for you to customize
  • Enter your own diet protocol
  • Use My Plate or Exchange system
  • Enter your own criteria and the apllication creates menus for you
  • Recipe analysis and label creation
  • ONLY $9.95/month or $95.40/year TRY IT FREE FOR 1 DAY!

    RD Clinic

    Includes all the features on Nutrihad PRO and add a large number of features to allow you to easily manage your clients, including:

  • Client sites and mobile application
  • Charting and ADIME notes
  • Coaching features
  • HIPAA Compliant Communication tools
  • Ability to track food intake anyway the client wants
  • Client's can follow your plans online

  • Generate detailed clients' reports
  • ONLY $19.95/month or $215/year TRY IT FREE FOR 7 DAYS!

    Health First

    Includes all the features of RD Clinic. Deliver and manage wellness programs easily. Employees self register for the program, form teams, follow tasks and win points.

    It was never that easy to provide content and monitor how effective it has been used to change behaviour.

  • Pre-built library of diet templates for you to customize
  • It also includes:

  • Company branding
  • Unique URL to facilitate adoption
  • Statistical analyze engine to measure results
  • Your content or ours
  • Completely customizable to your needs
  • ONLY $59.95/month with your content + Portal setup one-time fee DEMO IT NOW!

    Your Portal

    A portal is a customization of any or all of our applications to fit your own requirements. You can also create your own applications and keep your intellectual property.

    It is branded and integrated inside your own website. Users never see Nutrihand's brand, only your own. You can choose from more than 320 features and have it up and running in less than one week. We can configure your portal to be used as:

  • Self-managed portal to deliver diets with or without your own products or protocols
  • Self-managed portal with professional coaching/monitoring
  • Bariatric/Diabetic/Renal Clinical portal, or
  • Employee Wellness Portal
  • All features from any or all applications and infrastructured included
  • We only charge you for clients' usage when you have more than 500 users
  • Portal subscribers get an unique instance of the service, so their recipes and meal plans are delivered only to their users. No other application allows for this enhanced privacy and security. Our entire technology is HIPAA compliant.

    Ideal choice for food processors, clinics, hospitals, research studies or your own practice.

    ONLY $550.00 one-time fee + your professional subscription(s). See samples below.

    If you want to further explore them let us know.

    MiHealthLog and MiHealthCoach

    Their site uses our standard co-branded platform with custom changes to integrate MedGem (metabolic measurement device). They sell it to the clinics and hospitals that use their equipment. We customize their site to integrate with their equipment providing unique features for their clients.
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    Get Lean

    Weight loss, personal training videos and coaching. Includes an exclusive 7 Keys to Weight Loss Program with video lessons, workbook, personalized diets and fitness. We also customized the portal to deliver personalized fitness plans using videos to teach users how to perform the exercises.

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    Weight loss plans site integrated with eDiets nd other plans providers using Single Sgn On.

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    There are hundreds more if you want to see. Call us at 1 (650) 385-8903.

    Your Client's Sites

    where they track their information, follow your plans and communicate with you - all HIPAA compliant

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